Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I had to sort out my Income Tax today and once I had done that, I decided to look at what was in the top drawer of my desk and tidy it up. Now although every other draw and cupboard is in a state of chaos, that drawer is as perfect as it can be.

The first thing I  found was my Estate Planner. This wonderful booklet was obtained for a few rands from U3A. I have gone through it and updated what needed to be updated. I am very proud of myself! I can die happy now, or relatively happy. I have a will and my affairs are in some sort of order. In this book, whoever has to deal with my death will find instructions on what needs to be done. I have been presuming that person would be my grandson, Luke, but now I wonder if he might not be away at the time. Consequently, I have just sent a message to the other nearest (geographically) relative, Danielle, telling her where to find it.  Perhaps I should let Melanie know about it too. My house is a mess, but there is a measure of order of which nobody but I am aware. However, if either of them read the booklet carefully cover to cover, they would be able to find most of the information they need. (That is if they can read my writing which has deteriorated horribly in my latest years)

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