Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Best of the Christmas Season

Such a busy week! But so great to have friends that want my company. I am so blessed!
There was:
A braai with Joy on Saturday, lunch with Sindiwe at Steenberg on Tuesday. Tea with Leslie and Maggie on Thursday and Christmas dinner with my darlings Luke and Danielle( and also Tyler and Sindiwe) on Christmas day. And then there was the Carol service we had at Evergreen. Just a few readings and our choir leading the residents in "Away in a Manger" etc.  But I think the best was the carol singing on Christmas Eve.
Our imitation of the "waits" had its ridiculous side--  the straggling procession of us geriatrics battling with our sticks and walkers to keep up with Viv tHart in her motorised wheelchair and the occasional false start when we got off on the wrong note(literally) But the residents enjoyed it( all except one scrooge who slammed his window shut on us) and the choir enjoyed it too. The sweetest moment was when dear Eleanor who doesn't know who or where she is most of the time, burst into song when she heard us sing "Silent Night' and she and Allen gave us "Stille Nacht" as a duet.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Second attempt

Is this one going to work? I think it is a video  of  Yolande and Zoe.


I am having another shot at downloading videos.
This is the first jumping trial on Saturday. Elisabeth and Halo on the course.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


The U3A Fynbos Ramble yesterday was at Kommetjie, Of the slow group of walkers only Anne and I were there. The main group went up Rubbi Road. We drove down to the parking lot by the beach at Kommetjie and then walked along the board walk to the light house. I was a little envious of the others. I knew there were lots of interesting flowers to be seen on the hillside, but, probably because were walked so slowly, we did find quite few  plants in flower even though it was so late in the year. And of course it was a very pleasant walk as it always is with beautiful views of the sea and the mountains.