Saturday, July 11, 2015

Birds in Winter

My new camera has a better zoom than the old one, so I have been experimenting with snapshots of birds. My success rate is rather low. By the time I have got the subject in focus, it has usually flown away. But the exercise has been worthwhile in other ways. Looking out for birds that are close enough to photograph, I have been amazed at how many different species can be seen in the garden in our Retirement Complex. I would have thought that there would not be much food around at this time of year.  It is true that my neighbour does have a bird table with seeds and fruit and I have seen quite a lot of birds there, mainly mainly pigeons and starlings, but all sorts of other birds can be seen in the communal garden in the centre of the complex. Unlike many of residents private gardens which are full of exotic annuals, the communal garden is planted exclusively to fynbos species and it is these plants that the birds seem to like.


From top : Cape Wagtail, Laughing Dove, Double-collared Sunbird, Cape Bulbul, Cape Sparrow.