Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free Tertiary Education

 There has been nothing on radio and TV lately but Fees must fall protests. I may be thought a sceptic but it does seem as though the protests are timed to fall at the end of the academic year and so come at a convenient time to disrupt  exam schedules and this must be most welcome to those who have very little chance of passing.those exams.

 Contemplating the horrendous expense of three or four years at University,  I was struck by the thought that I myself  have been enjoying free tertiary education for the last few years. I have been taking advantage of the wonderful wealth of MOOC courses available online (for free) One can pursue almost any branch of learning just by getting onto the Internet. These days one doesn't even need access to a computer, a smart phone is all that is necessary,   Isn't the old model of residential universities very much outdated. Perhaps it is a good thing that protests are closing them down. Perhaps not much would be lost if they all closed their doors and instead broadcast lectures and discussions to those who really wanted to learn. If this happened, tertiary education would be much cheaper and could be within the means of most students. In fact it could  easily be totally funded by government. Many of the buildings presently used as student accommodation or lecture halls could be used for much needed sub-economic housing.