Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Hound of Heaven

One of the exercises given to us in our U3A  writing group was trying to find new words with their definitions. I went to word a day on Google and got the word  "Amaranth". This word was not new to me. I was not sure but seemed to remember that I had come across it reading Francis Thompson's Hound of Heaven. so I Googled that as well. I was in for a treat! I found I was able to hear this poem read by Richard Burton - surely the only actor who could do justice to the richness of Thompson's poetry.  I have read this poem often with its  wonderful message of grace and redemption, but I was moved as never before.

And yes the word 'amaranth' or rather 'amaranthine' does appear.
' ... a weed albeit an amaranthine weed, suffering no flower but its own to mount'

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